Women’s Guild

The Women’s Guild of St. John Armenian Church brings together women of the parish in the faith of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church. The Guild strives to provide its members with the opportunity to take an active role in the life of the church, to share in fellowship and service, promoting the moral, spiritual and material growth of the parish.

The Women’s Guild holds monthly meetings and sponsors many diverse activities and projects including several cooking and bake sales throughout the year in support of annual Bazaar, Easter Sunday Tea, and Thanksgiving. 

The Guild strives to nuture fellowship and service to the church and our community through a variety of other activities and events such as:  

  • “Guild Gatherings”, a series of creative videos on YouTube
  • Sponsorship of children in Armenia, CASP
  • Visitations including to Manoogian Manor
  • Church Picnic in conjunction with Blessing of the Grapes
  • Women’s Saintly Day Luncheon
  • Annual Membership Dinner
  • Advent by Candlelight

All women who subscribe to the doctrines and teachings of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church may become a member of the Women’s Guild.

For more information about the Women’s Guild, please click the link https://stjohnwomensguild.square.site